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European cross

Coming from females and males with at least 50% European blood, it has the marbling that the market wants and the balance between texture and flavor that satisfies the most demanding palates.

The cuts are delivered vacuum-packed , frozen, with a shelf life of 1 year in 10 kg boxes.

Top Beef

Nellore Grill

Coming from females and males with uniform fat cover . Carefully selected cuts that offer the ideal flavor, texture and succulent for barbecue .

The cuts are delivered in heat-shrinkable vacuum packed, cooled, with a shelf life of 60 days in10 kg boxes.


Every day

Coming from grass-fed Nellore males and females, they are low in fat and
ideal for a healthier and more tastier day to day.

The cuts are delivered packed in heat shrinkable vacuum , cooled, with a validity of 60 days in boxes of 25 kg .

Excellence in grass-fed
beef to plate


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