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About Us

Lkj Frigorífico came at the end of 2014 from the Lira family dream, moved by love and faith, they started their activities in 2017, and since then it has been growing with respect and responsibility.

Today, LKJ, in addition to serving the entire national territory, operates in several countries.
We are growing with perseverance and resilience, overcoming challenges, overcoming obstacles and evolving day after day, as people, as a company and as members of a society that, with the effort of all of us, will certainly be fairer and more equitable.


We want to share with you what we believe in and what makes us here.


With the purpose of generating work and income, promoting dignity and regional development through close, transparent and solid relationships with its customers, employees and suppliers and contributing to food security through its meat, produced in efficient and socio-economic and environmental stages. .


Contribute to food security through meat, produced in efficient and socio-economically and environmentally responsible stages


Consolidate ourselves in the market as a responsible and fair brand within an engaged business environment, which allows for growth and recognizes individual merits.


Family: love, respect and empathy.
Personal: honesty, responsibility and discipline.
Business: ethics, courage and collaboration.


To deliver faster and while preserving meat quality to our customers
We have an outsourced fleet of refrigerated trucks.

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